Send your first Nebulagram!

Send a message on the Nebulus blockchain. See below to get free Nebulas.

The Nebulas Web Extension Wallet is required. Small amount of NAS required for sending.

Why Nebulus?

Nebulus is blockchain 3.0. Useful as a currency, while being an intelligent, searchable platform for the next-generation of blockchain, today.

Nebulas Rank

As Google Rank drives web-search, Nebulas rank identifies Dapps based on their value.


Demands change, enhancements applied - Forks aren't needed.

Free Tokens?

Nebulas Incentive (NI) rewards devoted DApp developers and virtuous users.

Free Nebulus

Want to send your first Nebulas transaction? Don't own any NAS? We'll send you some for free.

Create your Nebulas Wallet

Open the installed wallet extension, generate a "New-Wallet". Be sure to save your password and private-key file!

Get your Free NAS

We'll send you enough NAS to cover the cost of sending your first Nebulagram!

Read a Nebulagram

Read a message sent on the Nebulas blockchain for your wallet. Enter the Wallet address below.

About this DApp

Nebulagram's are sent to a Nebulas smartcontract that stores the message on the blockchain. It's fast, reliable, and a straightforward example of a storage-based Nebulas smart-contract and DApp.

This DApp was meant to educate as much as it is meant to send messages. View the code live on Github, here: